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What is a rainbow?

A Rainbow is what we call our Professional Cleaning Technicians. Over 120 hours of one on one coaching goes into making a Rainbow before going out on their own. They are background checked and bonded. They must pass several written and in the field test. Oh – and they must all Love to Clean! A Jr. Rainbow is the kids that help our Laughing Rainbow from drawing comics, washing rags, sweeping up the office, passing our flyers and even cleaning homes on their summer breaks. Anything to make this a true family business. A Cloud is what we call our on call Rainbow. We have 2 indiviuals we can now call in just in case a Rainbow is out sick or calls out. Typically a cloud is the 2nd person when we clean houses.

How to speak "rainbow"

Baby – It what we call our bag of rags. Each team has one that matches their team color.

Dirty Baby – It is the white bag we carry that carries all our dirties.

Baby Apple Jacks – It is what we call our hardwood floor vacuum. Not sure why Tomika made it up!

Apple Jacks – What we call our vacuums

Level 1 – 5 – what we rate our homes we clean. One being the neatest, lest difficult, 5 being the most challenging with the most build up.

Easy Breezy – Homes that are just that to clean. 

Bluey – What we call our secret air freshner!

RATS – What we do when we clean your bathrooms. First remove the Rugs,And the Trash can. Then we Sweep and Straighten, then we get down to cleaning.

Love Cat – This is what we call when we go the extra mile. From our little hotel quality touches, to walking your dogs, to organizing your Tupperware drawer. Things that are not required but little way we show clients we love them.

Flip – This is what we call a client that has called us from time to time but now on a regular set schedule. We love this!

Buglet – What we call our Volkswagen. 

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