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We are here and we are ready!

What we already do:

  • We operate in solo teams. 

  • We do not have our Rainbows come into a home office to gather materials.

  • No Rainbow will be allowed to work when they feel sick, show symptoms or have come in contact with anyone

What you can do:

  • Observe the CDC guidelines for social distancing while your Rainbow is in your home or business.

  • Leave out your vacuum if you want us to use it.

  • Let us know immediately if anyone in your family is feeling sick. 

How your Rainbow keeps you safe:

  • For each house and business, we will begin wearing a new disposable shoe cover, disposable gloves, and surgical masks (when available) for each house and business.

  • We will also use a new full-body apron for each house and business.  

  • We sanitize all high touch areas based on the guidelines of the CDC.

  • Rainbows will wash their hands upon entering and leaving homes.

  • All cars and equipment will be sanitized immediately after each home.

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