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why i clean

I started cleaning several years ago as a way to supplement my current income. As a newly single mother of two girls Ayeola (which means Rainbow) and Sekaya (which means Laughter), I was looking for a way to give them everything I thought they deserved to have. I was working a great job with a fortune 500 company, but had very long hours. After working all day I would come home to my own house a wreck and unorganized. I wanted to clean up and put things away, but I found myself choosing between a load of laundry or my favorite book. Mopping the floor or watching TV with my kids.

As a business major and a daughter of entrepreneurs, a light bulb went off in my head. I could still provide for my two daughters, spend more time with them and help other families and individuals by freeing up their time.

I knew by my simple visits to people’s homes, I was giving them that extra time that I had struggled to have. Some of my clients travel frequently and want to come home to a clean home. Others simply don’t have time to clean at the end of a long day. Others just need that one day where they can leave the wet towel on the floor, because it will be "magically" picked up when they return.

My children benefit from this as I can now create my own schedule. With a growing cleaning crew, I can make time to go read to my daughter’s class. Or pop by the school to attend a parent teacher meeting.

My work is no longer conducted in a polished high rise in downtown Atlanta. And I have traded my high heels for tennis shoes and gloves. But the pride I see in my children for their mother, who took a risk and believed in her self is, as they say, priceless.


who we are

As a small janitorial company that has its roots right here in Atlanta, our concentration is on servicing the community.

Our focus on reliability allows our customers to count on us each week, month and for years to come. When describing our service our clients have used such words as, "dependable" and "professional".

Our size enables us to respond quickly to our client’s needs and ensures reliable service without having to consult with a “middle man”. The level of professionalism we strive for, rivals that of larger, franchised, and “big name” cleaning companies.

Our focus, however, is not just on the bottom line, but also on building a relationship with the community to which we belong. Communication with our clients is of great importance to our business, as we want to ensure that we always generate a high level of satisfaction with our work.


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